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V-G-Ex stands for video game extras. A webcomic about video games, and what the characters in them are REALLY like.

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December 14th, 2007, 7:38 am

The change.

Hey, i'm at work right now but they have nothing for me to do at the current moment, so I've been allowed to do what I want for a half hour or so.

So I thought I would update everyone about what's happening with V-G-Ex.

Yesterday, me and Anne-marie were having a bit of a discussion about a plan of mine.
Basicallly, I want to start multiplayer mode again, with anne-marie as my artist. She agreed to that. But theres more to my plan.

V-G-Ex will not be going. I'm sure some of you know of the V-G-Ex forums ( )this will be the new v-g-ex homepage, for all v-g-ex media.

V-G-Ex will now become a brand name for all of mine and anne-marie's projects. Be it music projects, comics, art, storys, whatever. As long as it's got video game relations in it, then v-g-ex will be the place we will host it.

We also want to get a noticeable community going. Anyone can sign up to the forums, and discuss the latest v-g-ex releases, or even just chat about anything.

Also, we are looking for people to join under the v-g-ex brand. So if your making a video game related webcomic, or creating a band with some friends and fancy doing some video game covers. Then you can join under the v-g-ex brand name, and everything you do can be put up on the v-g-ex forums. Naturally, when we start off we won't be very popular at all, but the more people that join us, the bigger the community will get and so on.

We want to release the new v-g-ex forums and multiplayer mode in the first few weeks of january. In all my spare time I will be working on the forums to make them the best they can be when we release, i want to learn how to do loads of things with the forums.

I'm also hiring mods. My friends James and Glyn have already stepped in to be mods. Also, Anne-marie and My brother Liam will be mods. I think one more person to be a mod at the start will be fine enough, i'll give the mods different areas to moderate and keep from things like spam, and general rubbish threads.

I'm rather excited about the idea of the v-g-ex forums being the main home hub for v-g-ex stuff. Also, the v-g-ex brand, if it takes off will be great.

I'll keep everyone updated on here, but I will no longer be updating the v-g-ex comics, especially not for the time being. You can take a look over at the forums as much as you want, to see what's happening over there, i'll make a news area for the forums first, so that I may use that as my news place.

To those who do read this comic, and who are wanting to be part of the v-g-ex forums, I thank you for your patience.

Also, if you want to see the old multiplayer mode comics, then they are still up over at ( yes, i like the ending)

Anyways, back to work for me.


November 26th, 2007, 1:51 pm


It's strange, because until last week I never knew that Alex wanted to do a webcomic again, but here he is, starting his own and providing us with a guest strip this week, so that he can start himself off.

Why he would want to advertise on this at the moment (we've only really just started off ourselves), but oh well.

His comic is called 'Lifes little questions' and it's a comic which is to do with REAL LIFE CONVERSATIONS, it's not scripted.

The comic which is up on our page today is one done by Alex. He's also done one for us before. For this comic, it was a conversation me and him had in a science lesson, i asked him why people always draw the sun with sunglasses, he answered.

So, go and check out his website:

Lego star wars: the complete saga should be arriving for my wii soon ( once official nintendo magazine decides to show up ¬_¬ ) so i'm still excited for that.

Until next week!

Accidentally gifted.

November 13th, 2007, 11:41 am

The addiction

Well, As i'm sure the latest comic can say, i have once again become addicted to WoW. Thankfully, this addiction shouldn't last too long this time.
Last week, i decided re-install World of Warcraft, not a clue why, i just saw the WoW box lieing on top of my box of games, and thought "why the hell not", i then opened up a trial account and the rest, as they say, is history.
The trial ends this saturday, and i think sometime at the start of january i'm going to start my account up again for real.

On Saturday, i met up with my old guild which i started over a year ago, when i left i gave the leadership over to 'Flynn', who i haven't managed to get in contact with yet as he hasn't been online. But the rest of the guild are still really great guys and girls. Median needs to sort out his drinking, though ;).
The guild is always looking for new and friendly members, so if your on the european servers, on the real of shadowmoon, then send a whisper to someone who is in the legendary alliance. Say that you want to join because Battered invited you.

Last night i subscribed to Nintendo official magazine, mainly because not only is it a great magazine, but i also got a free game which i've been looking at for a while.
I'm sure all gamers have heard of 'Lego Star Wars'. The free game i'm getting is: 'Lego star wars: The complete saga' For the wii, i'm looking forward to what the controls will be, and also being able to use over 100 different characters, and even customising different parts to create your own unique one. Plus with the great lego humour and the star warsness of the game, I really can't wait, should keep me going until christmas, as my wii is receiving a bit of dust right now due to a little lack of play.

I heard the new mii channel came out yesterday? Where you can upload your mii's and people can rate them, i may upload some of my mii's later, if i can be bothered, the new channel seems like a good idea, but i'm going to have to start being creative with my mii's if i'm ever going to win. Plus, we know it's always going to be mii's that are based on movie and game characters which will be the highest rated, rather then original and unique mii's.

Hope your all enjoying the comic!
Accidentally gifted

October 22nd, 2007, 5:38 pm

It's all about time...

Sorry for no newspost last week.
Todays Comic was done by Alex Lee. He's the one who's effort's created my old comic: Multiplayer mode.

Also, i appologise for new vgex lite for the past couple 'a weeks. Been very busy with maths and stuff and my bro can't be arsed to scan what i do give him, as my scanner doesn't work with my new vistafied laptop.

Today, I went and got out phantom hourglass and i've clocked in quite a few hours so far and i'm really loving it. It's graphical style is just like the windwaker, and it's nice to see it's set just after the windwaker. Although no notice of the king of red lions :S, although i have seen a PRINCE of red lions, which a wannabe "hero" was riding. Also no sign of aryll or my dear old granny... ah well, they annoyed me anyway. I'll have a review up on my journal ( ) on monday most likely, or sometime this week.

I'll try and get some vgex lite done over the half term, hope your all enjoying the comic!

Accidentally gifted.

October 8th, 2007, 12:54 pm

Mario the ass.

You know, it's quite cool.
Having my own webcomic means i can depict these characters as i believe they truly are. For example, Mario.
In the games, he's portrayed as doing this amazing thing to save princess peach by defeating bowser and removing him from the mushroom kingdom once again.

But think back to the first game. Mario goes and takes over and kicks out KING koopa, and goes to find this princess in order to take her from the castle.

Now, if you were just looking at this, mario is obviously defying his king and kidnapping a princess, he's a womanising asshole who can't stand that other people are above him. This is why i portray him as an obnoxious prick in the comics.

I'm very proud of how the latest one came out, and they won't all be about mario, only the next two proper v-g-ex comics will be about mario, then we will move on.

Accidentally Gifted.

October 4th, 2007, 1:23 pm

I appologise

I'm sorry for the lack of update today, i'm under a massive heep of coursework currently, and it's really stressing me out.
I'll get two comics for tommorow and saturday, to make up for it.


Accidentally gifted.

October 1st, 2007, 1:29 pm

The beginning,..

Well, today is the day. Comic is now up and running with two comic strips. One Proper V-G-Ex comic and one craptacular vgex lite comic (they will be better next time i promise).

V-G-Ex will be updated every monday, with a vgex lite comic in between every other day starting tommorow ( so one tommorow, then thursday, then saturday, then wednesday, then friday, then sunday etc)
The comics will always be in black and white (vgex lite ones anyway) where as the main V-G-Ex comics will always be in full colour.

Every few days I will post a newspost on this website.

Hope everyone enjoys V-G-Ex! Please comment :D.

Accidentally Gifted

V-G-Ex, Written by C-A-Doughty, drawn by Miss A.White.

September 26th, 2007, 1:04 pm

Not long to go.

Well, it's not long til V-G-Ex get's released. Hope everyone else is excited as I am!

I believe that is is 5 days left until V-G-Ex get's released. On the day there will be two comics up. One at 5 pm, and one at 5:20pm, GMT time.

See you soon!


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